Relax zone

Balance Club Brumlovka also offers a place for rest and relaxation. After a workout, guests can indulge in the ritual of sauna in the club’s spa. You can choose from several types of saunas and thermal baths. In additional to the traditional Finnish sauna, there’s also a soft sauna, a steam bath and a tepidarium. On the terrace we recommend a whirlpool, two Finnish saunas with a cold pool. 

The Relax Zone is furnished with comfortable chairs, wooden floorboards, natural light and plenty of greenery. Time spent in the club will be even more pleasant with a massage or rehabilitation.

There is also a rooftop sun terrace with sun loungers and sunbeds.


  • relaxation zone with comfortable chairs, wooden floorboards, natural light and greenery
  • saunas and thermal baths
  • separate “Ladies only” area
  • massages and physiotherapy
  • sun terrace with sun loungers
  • sunbeds


Finnish sauna
The classic dry Finnish sauna with wood paneling with the typical higher temperature and lower relative humidity. At Balance Club Brumlovka, the temperature in the Finnish sauna ranges from 90-100°C with 10% humidity. All sauna rituals are an effective way to  strengthen the immune system. 

Soft sauna
As the name suggests, the soft sauna differs from the Finnish sauna particularly in temperature, which is set at approximately 60°C. The soft sauna is especially suited for those who don’t do well with significant temperature differences. 

Steam Bath

A hot steam bath with a lower temperature (approximately 45°C) and high relative humidity (up to 100%).
At Balance Club Brumlovka, you can find a circular steam bath featuring a starry sky. Steam baths are suitable for prevention of respiratory diseases.

A heat bath at 40°C and 30% humidity simulates the conditions of a seaside climate. The heat radiates from the walls, floors and benches. In the tepidarium, your body is gradually warmed up, and there’s no recommended time limit. A visit to this thermal bath is an ideal warm-up prior to a massage. 

Kneipp Bath
Hydrotherapy that uses the effects of alternating hot and cold water. The main effect of this procedure
is to improve blood circulation in the legs as well as overall blood circulation and metabolism. While the alternating hot and cold baths improve blood circulation in all areas
of the body. This therapy helps with headaches and cold feet syndrome, and has a positive effect on blood circulation and blood flow to the extremities.

Ergoline Affinity 660 tanning beds are calibrated to current EU standards and are very easy to operate. The tanning equipment in the solarium provides the equivalent of noonday sun in the Mediterranean. With Climatronic and Aqua Fresh functions, you will not sweat even during longer tanning sessions. A perfect all-over tan is guaranteed by our special tanning elements for tanning your neck and optional shoulder tanning. In on of our tanning beds you will find a special SmartSun lamp with a combination of collagen and UV light. Collagen light stimulates collagen production, slows skin aging, supports blood circulation, warms and oxygenates the body, reduces wrinkles, smoothes the skin, and minimizes the classic unwanted smell of the skin after sunbathing. The combination of collagen and UV light guarantees a natural color of tan and contributes to vitamin D production.