Fyzio Care

Fyzio Care is a service based primarily on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization by Prof. Pavel Kolář. This method can be used not only for sports training, but mainly for correcting bad movement, breathing and / or postural stereotypes. The result (consequence) of such incorrect stereotypes is the decentration of the joints, including the spine. The spine, which is not in its physiological position, loses its flexibility and overloads the individual segments. Likewise, incorrect movement, breathing or postural stereotypes may lead to more frequent injuries to athletes or reduced performance.

At Balance Club Brumlovka we now offer Fyzio Care on an individual basis. If necessary, initiate motion and postural diagnosis will be done, on the basis of which we develop a report identifying the problems and recommending their solutions. We then create an individual training plan.

Such a plan will include tips for home-based auto-therapy and exercise under the guidance of an experienced physio coach. During the therapy, we combine the principles of the DNS method with aids such as a large gymnastic ball, overball, TheraBand, medicinball or small dumbbells or pulleys in the gym.

By practicing exemplary joint configurations, by breathing, by lightening segments, or by resistance (strengthening against resistance), by stretching, we all intervene in conscious and unconscious processes in the CNS (central nervous system), optimize muscle tone (muscle tension) of our joints. Exercise in centered joint configurations works as a movement treatment, as well as the prevention of muscle imbalances.


Treatment should be considered when the following issues are present:

  • functional disorders and muscle imbalance
  • post-surgery conditions
  • post-injury conditions
  • arthritis in large and small joints
  • degenerative spine disease (prolapse of the spine and radicular syndromes)
  • headaches
  • pain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints
  • post-stroke

For your individual consultancy contact Tereza Michálková +420 731 575 171.