Personal Training

At Balance Club Brumlovka we have a wide range of experts and specialists covering fitness training, back pain, compensation for muscle imbalance, exercises for pregnant women and new mothers, strength training, training seniors, cardio training, sports training, race preparation, rehabilitation, diet and a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  We adapt to your requirements and our approach is completely individual. We work with the latest methods and include a wide range of physiotherapy techniques and various exercise equipment into strength training programs.

Our specialists will develop a training plan tailored specifically for you, taking into account not only your health, sports performance and goals, but also your body type, lifestyle experience, sports and many other things. A quality plan is a necessity even in strength training - setting up how many repetitions, series, fitness exercises and weights. It also includes regeneration, compensatory exercises and relaxation training and is completely tailored to your time schedule.


  • special individual plan based on diagnostic testing
  • focus training directly on your problem areas
  • streamline time spent in the fitness center
  • quality and achieving common objectives set
  • motivation and psychological support during exercise
  • learn the proper techniques and elimination of bad exercise habits
  • learning about the latest trends in fitness


Further information and contacts for personal trainers and nutritional advisors is available in the fitness center at the bar or in the OUR TEAM section.